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Choose a Roll or a Bowl

A Curry Roll is a modern take on Indian street food, each Naan is individually crafted to allow you to quickly enjoy a home cooked curry virtually anywhere.

It is healthy, delicious and pocket friendly. 

All Our Rolls and Bowls 


 £1.50 extra for curry of the day

Building a Curry Roll is easy.... 
Simply follow these five steps

Step 1 - Choose Your Base

Latest Menu (7).png

Fresh Naan

A fluffy warmed Naan with a light brushing of Tamarind Sauce.   

Latest Menu (9).png

Cous Cous

Vegetable Cous Cous flavoured with chick peas, red onions, cumin and some mild spices

Mixed Salad.png

Salad Bowl

A tomato based chilli sauce not as Garlicky or hot as its silly brother!!

Rice Bowl.png

Rice Bowl

A bowl of freshly made Pilau Rice with a delicate cumin seasoning.

Latest Menu (8).png

Brioche Bun

A freshly made lightly toasted brioche bun used with our sandwiches or burgers.

Step 2 - Choose Your Main

Shami Kebab.png

Shish Kebab

A blend of Lamb and Chicken pieces that have been infused with herbs, spices and finely minced onion. 

Curry of Day.png

Curry of the Day

We offer a different meat and vegetarian curry everyday - Click here to find out what is available today. 

Chicken Tikka.png

Chicken Tikka

Succulent Chicken thigh pieces that have been marinated overnight  in a blend of our own spices.

Chick Peas.png

Chick Pea & Potato

A classic Vegetarian dish, flavoured with our own Garam Masala, ginger and tomatoes, Works really well with Tamarind sauce.

Step 3 - Choose 1 or more Sauces (Don't be shy!) 

Latest Menu (2).png

Garlic Sauce

A classic mayonnaise based sauce with Garlic and fresh Coriander.

Latest Menu (5).png

Mango and Mint (50p)

Made from fresh mint, raw mangoes, coriander and green chillies. Perfect with Chicken or Lamb.

Silly Chilli.png

Silly Chilli (50p)

This sauce is made fresh every week and depending on the Chillies sourced it is either Hot or Crazy hot.

Latest Menu (3).png

Mint and Yogurt

A cool fresh sweet sauce made from Natural Yogurt and a little bit of our Mango/Mint Sauce.   

Latest Menu (4).png

Tamarind Sauce

So very hard to describe.  Umami, sweet and sour and the basis for all our rolls. Perfect with Chick pea curry. 


Chilli Sauce

A tomato based chilli sauce not as Garlicky or hot as its silly brother!!

Step 4 - Choose Your Crunch

Mixed Salad.png

Mixed Salad

A classic mayonnaise based sauce with Garlic and fresh Coriander.



Our own unique take on Coleslaw with Red and White cabbage, carrots, fennel and Our own Masala Mayonnaise. 

Step 5 - A little something on the side?

Latest Menu (12).png

Bombay Aloo

Delicately spiced potatoes that have been cooked in fragrant spices.

Latest Menu (14).png


Choose from either a Vegetable or Meat Samosa made fresh every morning, a perfect snack at any time of the day.

Latest Menu (10).png

Curry of the day

Add today's meat or Veg curry to your roll or bowl for £1.50

Latest Menu (11).png

Masala Fries

A crispy French Fry seasoned with our own blend of spices that make them seriously moreish!

Latest Menu (13).png

Onion Bhaji

Fresh onions fried in a chick pea batter. Amazing with some tamarind sauce and  a cup of our hot chai.

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